International Award winning Philanthropist.

The foundation was inspired by Hebrews 13:16 “Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices pleases God”.

Vision of Dr Pashy Foundation

To be the leading agent for social change and development with a focus on Education, Nutrition,  women  empowerment and mentorship.

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Mission of Dr Pashy Foundation

  • To provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children for secondary and tertiary Education. As a woman who knows what it means to have nothing, to live in a rondavel, sleep on the floor and push a wheelbarrow- I can attest that Education is the greatest equalizer in any society.
  • I am compelled by a personal need to bring Education closer to the underprivileged.
  • To galvanize the public at large to take part in worthy projects like “clean your closet campaign” (where they donate clothes) and “clean your pantry campaign” (donation of non- perishable items~~~ for use to package and distribute them to schools, orphanages, shelters and homes.
  • “Small actions done by many people results in big impact” Dr Pashy
  • To visit different orphanages, shelters and homes- teach them how to plant and nurture the vegetables.
  • Aim- To impart agricultural skills to the underprivileged, to fight malnutrition in children.
  • To provide them with sustainable access to fresh produce.
  • To improve their immune system through vegetables rich in nutrients like spinach, beetroot, butternut and cabbage.
  • We are presently providing mentorship programes and women empowerment programs through the “Dr Pashy Mentorship Academy “ and “Power Talks”.
  • We also give our empowerment journal for free when we visit schools.

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Empowerment Campaigns and Seminars

Dr Pashy Foundation Tour 2020

Total number of 700 people received our gifts (10 clothing items each and a pair of shoes, dignity bag, toiletry and stationary). 200 people were fed for 2 months...

Power Talk

Woman empowerment Fundraising Dinner Held in October 2020 ( Johannesburg South Africa) - where 50 Thousand Rand was raised and It also served as an official Launch of the Foundation.

Grow your veggies Campaign

The foundation is presently visiting different orphanages, shelters and homes, teaching the underprivileged people how to plant and nurture their own vegetables.

Dr Pashy Foundation Christmas drive

Here we were able to buy 100 children brand new clothes and underwear, Christmas groceries, Stationary for 2021, Sanitary towels, Vegetables and cakes.

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